AC Replacement

AC Replacement

AC Replacement Services in San Antonio

We Do the Fastest AC Installation in the San Antonio area.

The most important day of the life of an air conditioning system is the day it is installed. The work that happens that day can significantly improve (or hinder) the performance, efficiency and longevity of your system. That’s why the contractor who performs your AC replacement services can be even more important than the size, brand and price of your new equipment. San Antonio homeowners count on Tiger Services for the best and fastest air conditioner replacements and installations.

Top benefits of having a new AC system installed by Tiger Services

Booking a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installation will certainly keep you cool and comfortable, but there’s a lot more to love:

Lower utility bills An efficient heating and cooling system can result in up to 50% savings on your cooling bills. We’ll show you how to use your new system to minimize consumption and maximize savings.

Quieter AC equipment Whether you enjoy new motor technology for an indoor unit or an innovative compressor design for an outdoor unit, you’ll surely notice just how quiet your new air conditioner is.

Improved indoor air quality A new AC system with better air filtration and purification technologies can work wonders, reducing allergy suffering and purifying the air every time the unit turns on.

Reduced humidity levels You can create the most comfortable indoor climate possible simply by scheduling AC replacement services. We’ll help you choose a powerful system that can remove more water from the air and provide better humidity control.

All-day comfort in every corner of your home Instead of hot and cold spots throughout the house, you’ll experience consistently comfortable temperatures on every floor, from morning to night.

Less hassle with maintenance After replacing your old AC system, you’ll notice fewer drain issues. Plus, you’ll receive filter replacements and experience a more convenient maintenance process overall.

High-efficiency equipment for your home

We’ll help you switch over from outdated mechanisms and harmful R-22 refrigerant to air conditioners with the latest technologies, by the leading brands. From variable-speed motors to scroll compressors, the features you’ll find in modern air conditioners mean they’re quieter and significantly more efficient. Whether you’re looking for a central air conditioner with the best possible season energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating, a ductless system suitable for the number of square feet in your home or some other option, we’ll help you find it.You’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to new equipment, but Tiger Services is here to walk you through the process. As a Trane dealer, Comfortmaker Elite dealer and more, we’re proud to be San Antonio’s most trusted AC installer.

We sell Comfortmaker Elite ACs in San Antonio.
Tiger Services Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to be a dealer of Trane products.

Quality AC replacement services, guaranteed

Even at a reasonable price, a new air conditioning system is a significant investment. When you schedule AC replacement services through Tiger Services, you won't have to worry about quality. Our experienced technicians follow a strict set of guidelines during install — they will:

  • Perform a home energy audit and offer recommendations on how to make your home as efficient as possible.
  • Inspect your ductwork for size requirements, layout options and leaks or gaps.
  • Size the new air conditioner correctly for your home.
  • Create an improved home comfort experience, complete with air purification, filtration and humidity control.
And if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right.

Convenient payment options

An HVAC replacement is a long-term investment, so we make it easy to spread out the equipment and installation costs. Tiger Services offers:

  • Free replacement cost estimates.
  • Financing for qualified homeowners with approved credit.
  • Up to $450 Instant Tiger Rebates.
  • Up to $1,150 in CPS Energy Rebates.
Learn more about our financing options and apply for pre-approval today.

FAQs about AC replacement services

New Trane AC On Transparent Background

When is the best time to replace your air conditioner?

Your safest bet is to have a new AC system installed before your existing system breaks down. Otherwise, you could get stuck with an overheated house on the hottest day of summer. Ideally, you can schedule your AC replacement services on a cool, comfortable day. To take advantage of off-season pricing, replace your air conditioning system in January or February.

How long does an AC system last in South Texas, and when should you consider a replacement?

The average life expectancy of an air conditioning system in our area is about 10-12 years. Can’t remember when you had yours installed? It might be time for an upgrade.

Can or should you replace an AC unit yourself?

If you’re looking for fast, high-quality work that leaves your home and HVAC system better than before, professional AC replacement services are the way to go. The certifications, permitting requirements and extensive labor can turn a well-meaning DIY effort into a major headache.

Can you just have certain parts of your AC unit replaced?

Regular AC maintenance is key to keeping your system up and running. Your technician might recommend replacing just an AC coil or compressor to extend the lifespan of your system. But when you’re experiencing significant issues, you’ll save more time, money and hassle with a one-time upgrade.

Why don’t HVAC contractors want to quote an exact price on the phone?

There are many variables to consider when quoting out the cost of a HVAC system replacement, from code upgrades and equipment access to wiring, ductwork modifications and more. One size does not fit all. A performance-based company should conduct an on-site load calculation and assess your specific needs before making any recommendations. A thorough survey can take up to one and a half hours.

See actual equipment installs by Tiger Services

Thanks to our AC replacement services, your neighbors in San Antonio are staying cool and comfortable, enjoying lower utility bills and breathing in better air thanks to the best technology and our high-quality HVAC installation process. See for yourself:


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We’re always just a call away. Service 8-8 • 7 Days A Week
We’re always just a call away. Service 8-8 • 7 Days A Week
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Tiger Services Air Conditioning and Heating
   111 E Rhapsody  •  San Antonio, TX 78216
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   Licensed by the State of Texas - TDLR #5678c
   7 days-a-week:   8:00am - 8:00pm
   Show Room:   Monday - Friday  |  9:00am - 4:00pm
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